We are unity. Our yurts bring people together. To reflect, to celebrate, to share, to live.  Our handmade yurts enrich the human spirit by design and bring our ancient crafts and ritual to the modern world. We believe in a careful and conscious way of living.​ And we do this with care, respect, and love. We are a way of life. We are YOURTA.

A way of life

Resilient, efficient, practical, and beautiful, Central Asia’s nomads have made these extraordinary structures for thousands of years.

Havens in a harsh winter’s heavy snows yet offering respite from blistering summer heat, yurts provided warmth, shelter, and security.

Traditionally a yurt lasts a​ lifetime and is passed on to the next generation. Each element is cared for, re-used and deeply valued. The structure is portable, assembled and reassembled with ease.  More than a shelter, yurts endure as proof of how to travel lightly on the earth, in harmony with nature.

Travel light
Skill, dedication, and pure craft make every YOURTA yurt exceptional

YOURTA is part of nomadic culture. Each element of the yurt is steeped in meaning. The circular shape​ represents unity with nature. The shanyrak, or crown, opens to the sky and heavens above. And in respect of the earth, yurts are not tethered to the ground.

Symbolic Space
The Founder

Borne from her Kazakh heritage and a passion for contemporary living, Dameli Kaliyeva founded YOURTA in 2020. She is a new nomad seeking to expand the understanding of how we can live with care. YOURTA unites authentic traditions and skills with the best in modern design, to create a new yurt experience for you.

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